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Nectar Dome Dab Rig by Wizard Puff

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WizardPuff.com is proud to offer our revolutionary and industry leading Nectar Dome Dab Rig -
This top shelf glass piece is a true crowd pleaser that has made its mark worldwide!
Featuring two stage percolation and an ergonomic bent neck stem,
the Nectar Dome Dab Rig is a comfortable and satisfying piece well suited for extracts.
The Nectar Dome offers superb flexibility and comes standard with both an
18mm Female Bowl for dry herb flowers and a Quart Nail & Dome for concentrates.
Standing 12" tall, this is a little monster you'll be acquainted with daily.
1 x Female 18mm Quartz Nail & Dome
1 x Female 18mm Bowl
1 x WizardPuff.com Decal


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