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X-MAX V2 Vaporizer Review

X-MAX V2 Vaporizer Official Review Only the very best devices in the world make the cut onto Wizard Puff shelves and the X-MAX V2 is truly a great fit to our product lineup. I'm super excited to be reviewing the all new, fully featured X-MAX V2 Vaporizer; This slick little device has all the features of the Arizer Air at less than one third of the cost. Wow. Design A great way to describe...

Official Goboof Alfa Vaporizer Review

GOBOOF Alfa Vaporizer Official Review The immediate standout quality of the Alfa Vaporizer by Goboof is its tiny size. The Goboof Alfa vaporizer is hands down the most stealth portable vaporizer option available and is the most compact design I've seen to date. Ultra inconspicuous and lightweight, the Alfa Vaporizer is a sneaky little machine that you'll be able to bring with you just about anywhere. Where the design is outstanding, the vapor quality and efficiency...

IMAG Plus Vaporizer Review

IMAG Plus Vaporizer Official Review Only the very best devices in the world make the cut onto Wizard Puff shelves. The IMAG Plus is the first and only pen style vaporizer that meets our strict standards for quality and reliable performance, and I could not be more excited. The IMAG Plus is the vaporizer pen to purchase and is hands down the best option in the pen style category. Design Sleek, sexy...

Official Arizer Air Review

SCROLL DOWN FOR TEXT REVIEW Official Arizer Air Review by Mr. Puff Arizer Air Official Review New and improved, the Air is the newest portable dry herb vaporizer from Arizer Technology. The Air has been designed and improved with fantastic and noteworthy updates from its predecessor, the Arizer Solo. The brand new Arizer Air is much more portable than the Arizer Solo but still offers the same incredible vapor quality and herb efficiency that...

The Importance of Carb Caps: What do they do?

Titanium Carb Caps: What Are They and What Are Their Function The Carb Cap, which hit the market in July 2013, is a tool that helps completely vaporize concentrates at extremely low temperatures. With low-temperature vaporization, the concentrate is smoother and the vapor is more flavorful. Thus, it produces a better vaporizing experience. When It Was First Introduced: Carb Cap Is Met With Criticism But Soon Realized For Its Worth When the...

FlowerMate V8.0 Vaporizer In-Depth Review

The specialists at www.WizardPuff.com are the first in the world take a look at the brand new V8.0... BUY THE FLOWERMATE V5.0S HERE BUY THE ARIZER SOLO HERE

Best E-Nail Machine under 200$

The guys over at RuffHouse Studios check out the StickyBox! The Best E-Nail Machine Under 200$ The StickyBox E-Nail by Wizard Puff is a desktop unit designed to heat your Titanium / Ceramic nails to a desired set temperature using a sophisticated learning controller box and coil system. E-Nails offer Vapers a safer alternative to traditional butane torching methods. The StickyBox is a tool for the true concentrate connoisseur. WizardPuff.com is pleased to...

Mighty Vaporizer Review by Mr. Puff | Storz and Bickel Mighty Vaporizer Review

SCROLL DOWN FOR TEXT REVIEW The Official Mighty Vaporizer Review Video Check out the Crafty Vaporizer Review, HERE! Mighty Vaporizer Official Review Sporting double the battery life and forgoing a Temperature Control App instead for an onboard temperature control, The Mighty is the XL version of the Crafty Vaporizer. Both devices share the same heating chamber and operation mechanics. The Mighty is in every way just as perfect as the...

Official Storz & Bickel Crafty Vaporizer In-Depth Review

Our panel of specialists take a look at the incredible Crafty Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel. Check out the Mighty Vaporizer Review, HERE!

Best Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer Under 150$ | FlowerMate V5.0S Vaporizer Review

SCROLL DOWN FOR TEXT REVIEW The FlowerMate V5.0S is hands down, the BEST PORTABLE VAPORIZER UNDER 150$. Wizard Puff is proud to be an official retailer of the incredible FlowerMate V5.0S FlowerMate V5.0S Official Review The FlowerMate V5.0S is quite honestly, the best valued vaporizer in the world, and is effectively revolutionizing the portable vaporizer industry as we know it. Thousands of people have already purchased the V5.0S from all across the globe and...

Crafty Vaporizer Review by Mr. Puff | Storz and Bickel Crafty Vaporizer Review

SCROLL DOWN FOR TEXT REVIEW The Official Crafty Vaporizer Review Video Wizard Puff is proud to be an official retailer of the Crafty and Mighty Vaporizers by Storz & Bickel! Crafty Vaporizer Official Review The Crafty Vaporizer represents the very best the industry has to offer and is simply put, the best portable vaporizer available, period. Absolutely discreet, convenient and effective... the Crafty Vaporizer is a true symbol of Storz...

Ceramic Nails for Dabbing - We got you covered.

We think our Ceramic Nails rock... but don't take our word for it. The guys at RuffHouse Studios give their honest opinion about the super tasty "Ceramic Family Kit" by WizardPuff

HEBE Titan 2 Review - Best Portable Vaporizer 2014 Under 100$!

The HEBE Titan 2's are flying off our shelves and getting rave reviews from all over the world. Super rugged, completely user customizable and at a Ridiculous Price. Here's what people are saying. RuffHouse Studios calls it an almost perfect vaporizer... because its too affordable?!

Mr. Puff's Guide: How to Choose the Perfect Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer!

Wuddup y'all! Today I'm going over my own personal BIG THREE requirements when it comes to choosing the Best Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer for you! This guide is super simplistic as it should be. As human beings, we have enough stress as it is and over the years I've effectively made and implemented a three step breakdown to help you buy pretty much any product! Using my three step process,...

Thank you for supporting WizardPuff.com

Thank you! We have absolutely blown up in the past few weeks, thank you, thank you, thank you! We cannot thank our supporters enough. Please subscribe to our newsletter for exclusive updates on new products and killer promotions! Check us out on Social Media too! Seriously guys, we love you! WizardPuff.com is quickly becoming a household name in the world of vaporizers and we owe it all to our pioneering...

The Ultimate Guide to Portable Vaporizers: Whats in your pocket?

 A Comprehensive Side-By-Side Review of the Top Portable Vaporizers for Bottom Dollar By A.D.             The recreational value of smoking has undergone much change since its early days dating as far back as 5000 BCE where dried herbs and plants were burned for religious or therapeutic purposes. Fast-forwarding to today, we found ourselves in a much more health conscious world whereby we understand that the enjoyment of today has repercussions...

Free Shipping Update!

We've added FREE SHIPPING for our friends in the U.K. !   Free Shipping on Orders over $125 USD for U.K. Customers     Free Shipping on Orders over $100 USD for USA Customers     Free Shipping on Orders over $100 USD for Canada Customers

HEBE Titan 2 (Titan-II) Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer Review

HEBE Titan-II Vaporizer Review Huge contender for Best Portable Vaporizer of 2014!  By Mr. Puff The amazing people at Wizard Puff have been seriously spoiling me with stuff to review... Fresh from the factory I had the pleasure of using, abusing and scrutinizing the heck out of the brand new HEBE Titan-II (Titan 2) portable dry herb vaporizer. I am incredibly happy at how fast dry herb vaporizers are advancing; products...

Hebe Titan Portable Dry Herb Vaporizers have arrived at WizardPuff!

We are very happy to announce our new business partnership with Titan Vaporizers! Freshly stocked on our shelves are the Titan-I and Titan-II portable dry herb vaporizers! And at a very special introductory price.  Check out the Titans HERE. Hebe Titan-II (Two) Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer  Titan-I (One) Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer    

Official Launch of FlowerMate Vapormax-V WebStore

Our friends at www.FlowerMateVapormaxV.com have launched! Official North American WebStore for the amazing FlowerMate Vapormax-V Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer! Check them out HERE Celebrate the North America Launch of the FlowerMate Vapormax-V by picking up a brand new unit... Now being sold BELOW manufacturer minimums in light of the Launch Celebration Promotion!  Prices will reflect the Manufacturer Minimums effective August 1st // Discount Codes Expire effective August 1st   

FlowerMate Vapormax-V Review

FlowerMate Vapormax-V Review The Best Portable Vaporizer for 2014!  By Mr. Puff So you're in the market for a Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer? You MUST consider the FlowerMate. Retailing for under 100$ is a MASSIVE Home Run for this nifty little vaporizer. I'll say it right now before we get into the nitty gritty, this device is, in my humble opinion, The Best Portable Vaporizer under 100$ and that being said... the FlowerMate is THE...

We're Live! - WizardPuff.com Grand Opening

 Welcome to the Official Launch of www.WizardPuff.com! WizardPuff is committed to providing its customers with the Products and Brands they want! Only the best and the most popular vaporizing products are available on WizardPuff.com. Our mission is to provide you with the most comprehensive and enjoyable experience possible! Why Choose WizardPuff.com? We Stock the Best Products at the Lowest Prices in North America We sell all our products in USD...


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