FlowerMate Vapormax-V Review

The Best Portable Vaporizer for 2014! 

By Mr. Puff

So you're in the market for a Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer? You MUST consider the FlowerMate. Retailing for under 100$ is a MASSIVE Home Run for this nifty little vaporizer. I'll say it right now before we get into the nitty gritty, this device is, in my humble opinion, The Best Portable Vaporizer under 100$ and that being said... the FlowerMate is THE ONLY Vaporizer under 100$! If you're already sold... You can buy it here!

To keep my review fair, my comparison comments are in regards to devices I've ACTUALLY owned! (Other reviewers should try and do the same...)

 Physical Impressions: 

The FlowerMate is built like a rock. Sitting side to side with the PAX, the FlowerMate is almost exactly the same height and double the PAX's width. I was concerned the unit was a bit large, but it easily and effortlessly slipped into my jean pockets and khaki pockets without issue. So what's with the size? The PAX is built with one 2600 mAh Battery. The FlowerMate is built with TWO Samsung 2600 mAh Batteries! The FlowerMate has a great aluminum finish just like the PAX. The FlowerMate is sturdy, solid and its two sliders at the top and bottom are made to last (I was concerned that the sliders would be cheaply made). All in all, no complaints on the physicality of the FlowerMate. 


  • FlowerMate vs PAX - The one on the right... costs over 150$ MORE!

For LESS than HALF the price of the PAX you'll have DOUBLE the Battery Power


Function and Ease of Use:

Most importantly, how does the FlowerMate perform? To use the device you use the bottom slider to pop out your Silicon Mouth Piece (A great material choice as silicon is very easy to clean and disinfect). To turn on the device, press the button 5 times. The heating chamber will be lit with a white LED (Another nice feature as you can easily see whats going on with the dry herb inside). Turn your attention to the Top Slider and here you're going to be able to load your Dry Herbs into the now illuminated chamber. Screw in your Silicon Mouth Piece and you're all set to Vape. Hold the side button for 3 Seconds, It turns red, and when it reaches the preset temperature the button turns green and that means your good to go. It takes less than 20 Seconds to reach Vaping temperature. Hold the button again for 3 Seconds to shut off the heating elements or click 5 Times to shut the whole device off. Easy! I am very pleased with the functionality of the FlowerMate.

  • The FlowerMate is exceptionally easy to use
  • Effortlessly fit 0.4 grams of Dry Herb into its chamber
  • Heats up in 10-20 Seconds!
  • One moving part (That is idiot proof!) - silicon mouth piece
  • Functionally better than the MFLB and PAX 

The FlowerMate draws much like the MFLB (smooth and user defined). The Vapor produced by the FlowerMate is very flavorful and pure (The PAX has a terrible flavor in my experience - the "flavor" of the battery gets into the vapor). The draw is free and airy and is much more enjoyable than the PAX. The PAX's greatest downfall was terrible battery life and a hard draw with bad flavor. Although the silicon materialed mouth piece may not seem to be a premium feature of the FlowerMate, it is in every way practical. The long straw like structure of the mouth piece is what gives this device such a pleasant draw of vapor. 


The FlowerMate is a box style vaporizer. Its very similar in size and weight to a full hip flask. It has one moving part that has its own storage compartment, which is really great (I'm shaking my finger at you Magic Flight Launch Box!). In two days of use, one full battery charge lasted me 10 full sessions! It should be said, that I have yet to actually kill the whole battery. So, is it practical as a portable unit? I would say, for sure!  Amazing battery life, delicious vapor, effortless to pocket and zero hassles to use. This is honestly the best Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer I have ever used.

And even though I have not tried the many other Portable Vaporizers available, do I even have to? The FlowerMate Vapormax-V has satisfied my every requirement of battery life, vapor quality and ease-of-use. It's less than half the price of the PAX (which I honestly believe it out performed) and it has the same delicious flavors of the MFLB with no clunky accessories and batteries to keep in your pocket. This device rocks!


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