A Comprehensive Side-By-Side Review of the Top Portable Vaporizers for Bottom Dollar

By A.D.

            The recreational value of smoking has undergone much change since its early days dating as far back as 5000 BCE where dried herbs and plants were burned for religious or therapeutic purposes. Fast-forwarding to today, we found ourselves in a much more health conscious world whereby we understand that the enjoyment of today has repercussions for tomorrow. Vaporization is a process by which materials to be traditionally smoked through “Vaporizers” are in fact merely heated to a point where their chemicals are still released without being combusted. This allows for the same medicinal or recreational effects, albeit without the respiratory risks. Why the crash course in history and smoking science? Ah well, we can appreciate where we are by looking at how far we've come! Not only are vaporizers becoming the new generation's efficient smoke, their growing portability is making them an accessible and easy alternative to ash in our lungs.

            I've been vaporizing for roughly seven years now, and in that time I've been through many vaporizers both portable and desktop. Nothing yet rivals the efficiency, discreetness and quality of the Volcano Desk-Top Vaporizer. But now, I'm on the hunt to find the best portable vaporizer available.

           What I've got for you today is a no holds bar approach to reviewing and testing four of my favourite portable dry herb vaporizers: the Pax by Ploom (PAX) v.s. the Magic Flight Launch Box (MFLB) v.s. the Hebe Titan II v.s. the Flowermate Vapormax-V (V5.0)



I'm not here to propagate myself as a Ph.d of Vaporizing, but I am here to provide my input and seven years of experience as a fellow vape enthusiast with the hopes that my observations will help you to make a smart purchase.

            The products we'll be looking at today are definitely built to last and all work well. In terms of design, all of the four devices are ergonomic to say the least. All of the devices are made to comfortably fit to the users mouth as the respective mouth tips or pieces are made well. The Flowermate V however is unique in that its mouthpiece detaches (and thankfully goes into a small compartment of the device) and is made with a soft silicone material making it the most comfortable to inhale from by far. The devices conform to the hand, are easy to hold and are all fairly light.                                                      

As a frequent user of the MFLB, one of the aspects of its design that I appreciate is that it's so light and small that it allows me to hold things simultaneously with the device in my palm. That being said, I was incredibly surprised with how light the Hebe Titan II was. Given its hard rubberized exterior (which by the way I thought looked absolutely amazing and high quality. Incredibly comfortable to hold), I thought the device would carry some substantial weight to it. However on the scale, it weighed in at around 92 grams, which for its size was awesome. I remember carrying around the Vapor Genie as well as the occasional glass or wood pipe around, and bearing this in mind, the Hebe Titan II is light enough to rival any of these in portability. Given the weight aspect of design, I'd have to tip my hat to the Magic Flight Launch Box and the Hebe Titan II for light weight designs. The PAX in its own respect is light as well however I was more interested in addressing its sleek exterior. The brushed aluminum finish is similar to the Flowermate's and while the PAX is significantly smaller, the Flowermate sits at a comparable weight and in my opinion is more durable given the thicker aluminum.

Although weight and exterior ergonomics are important, I'll be honest with you, everyone is going to drop their portable vaporizer at least once. I actually damaged both the Magic Flight Launch Box and the PAX by Ploom during bike rides however my Hebe Titan II has withstood many falls and bumps with absolutely no damage or cosmetic problems at all! Overall, with regards to durability and design, the Hebe Titan II and the Flowermate Vapormax-V offer similar ergonomics and lightweight construction compared to the Pax by Ploom and Magic Flight Launch Box, except with more durability and resilience against damage.

           All four devices are easily able to fit in any trouser, coat pocket or jacket. To be perfectly honest, they all resemble some sort of external hard drive or mp3 player which is of course another advantage to the incognito smoker out there looking for something with a little more stealth. Their portability in short, is nothing to be disregarded, as these devices are all inconspicuous, easy to hide, and impossible to notice. Now discreetness and hide-ability is of course one thing when the device is not in use, and a different story when it is. To the unaccustomed user looking at these devices by appearance alone, it would be logical to suggest that the Magic Flight Launch Box supersedes all others in terms of discreetness given the size. However, in my testing of it, I found the process of getting out a battery, watching the smoke build in the trench, and inserting the draw stem, to be a little arduous and kind of overt. In a test whereby I was at a public park trying all of these devices out, I was surprised to receive the most stares during my use of the Magic Flight Launch Box, and while that may be an aspect of my learning curve with the device (which we'll talk about later), I believe it is because of the preparation involved.

The Flowermate, Pax by Ploom, and Hebe Titan II need very little preparation as you simply insert your dried product and the three self-containing devices heat up independently. Thus I'd like to throw in this interesting idea that you might not see elsewhere that although most portable vaporizers may be larger than the Magic Flight Launch Box, their ability to be more self-containing give them an edge in overall discreetness. I found that smell is often a point of conversation for any dry herb product. In short, these devices all emit an odour of burnt popcorn however the Magic Flight Launch Box and the Flowermate did the best job of emitting the least amount of smell. The Flowermate however contains a trench or reservoir at least twice the size of the Magic Flight Launch Box and given its comparable smell with more dried product used, it's easy to say that the Flowermate creates the least amount of odour out of all the devices. Overall, all the devices are easily pocketable but the Pax by Ploom, Hebe Titan II, and the Flowermate are easiest to use discreetly, with the Flowermate V creating close to no smell.


FlowerMate's Trench Size (Holds .4g)

             Taking a big break during my park test to actually puff off these four vaporizers, I was primarily concerned with ease of use and overall vapour quality. Now, let me preface this by saying that all portable vaporizers have a bit of a learning curve involved to the regular smoker and that's simply because the way you inhale off of a cigarette or pipe is NOT the best way to inhale from a portable vaporizer. I find that small puffs with the user holding in each subsequent ones to yield a large exhale is an excellent way of capturing the light vapor. Inhaling slowly will yield a warmer and thicker smoke than the cool light smoke brought on by inhaling faster and harder. Bearing this in mind, I found myself having to inhale a little harder on the Pax by Ploom to get smoke out as well as a little slower in order to generate the heat I wanted. What the Pax loses in draw resistance, it makes up in an easy colour-coded interface to use the vaporizer and this intuitive approach is something worth appreciating. While I can accept that the draw resistance by the Pax is in actuality something of reassurance to the fact that it is properly vaporizing material, I found it a slightly more challenging inhale than with the other devices. The Magic Flight Launch Box, I felt, was best used WITHOUT the draw stem as the stem was limiting a lot of vapour coming through. It provided a light smoke in small doses which helped in comfortably using my small puff and hold method of inhalation. I'm well versed with these devices given their public praise and how long I have used them and so it was with them, that I compared the Hebe Titan II and Flowermate to see how good these new products were. In short, I was absolutely floored. The Hebe Titan II heated up quickly with a digital display detailing the temperature which in fact I had the power to gauge and vary! The smoke was a thicker white and with the large trench that the device carried, the session lasted incredibly long as far as portable vaporizers go.  As for the Flowermate, the soft rubber mouthpiece included was a refreshing addition to the device. The slight plastic taste I occasionally found on the PAX and Hebe Titan II was nowhere found on the Flowermate V, whose soft mouthpiece offered no resistance whatsoever. With regards to the Flowermate vapor quality, once again like the Hebe Titan II, the smoke was thick, white and very smooth providing a long session from an equally large reservoir. Now in my research I've been finding that the Flowermate will be offering a glass mouthpiece on later models and while I love the glass given its easiness to clean, resistance free design and more importantly that it does not get too hot, I certainly hope they recognize the value of the super practical soft rubber mouthpiece. Overall, while I love the light and clean vapor created by the PAX by Ploom and Magic Flight Launch Box, the ability for the Hebe Titan II and the Flowermate V to do the same and produce more vapor, contain more dry herb, and prolong the session, tells me that these two new products are going to give the PAX and MFLB a run for their money.

            Alright, it's been a long winded review but we've definitely made headway in understanding how these portable devices operate. The chart below summarizes the details we've discussed before and any other specifications you may be interested in regarding the four portable vaporizers we have looked at.



Durability &


Portability & Discreetness

Ease of Use &

Vapour Quality


Flowermate V

- Tough exterior

- Ergonomic soft rubber mouthpiece

- High quality brushed finish

- Very large reservoir

- Fits well in pocket

- Close to no smell

-Self-containing unit

- Smooth inhale with no resistance

- Light indicator for heat

- Long lasting session with abundant vapour created


Hebe Titan II

- Most durable acrylic design

- Very Large reservoir

- Incredibly lightweight

-Fits well in pocket

-Light smell

-Self-containing unit


-Smooth inhale with minimal resistance

- Digital temperature indicator for manual regulation

- Long lasting session with abundant vapour created


Magic Flight

Launch Box

- Very small and lightweight design

-Small reservoir/trench

- Not very durable

- Fits very well in pocket

-Light smell

-Unit involves carrying batteries and draw stem separately

- Inhale without resistance only without draw stem

- Learning curve involved in slow inhales to generate light  and thin vapour


Pax by Ploom

- Small Lightweight design

-Large reservoir

-High quality Brushed finish

- Fits very well in pocket

-Light smell

-Self containing unit

- Some resistance in inhale

- Intuitive colour-coded temperature indicator

- Light vapour, moderate session duration


       We've taken a look at my four favourite portables: The PAX, MFLB and the brand new Hebe Titan 2 and FlowerMate Vapormax-V Vaporizers. I urge folks looking to buy the Pax by Ploom or Magic Flight Launch Box to rethink their purchase; the PAX and MFLB are rather expensive for the vaping experience they offer as compared to the ridiculously well priced competitors. I see no better value for the price and quality of vaporizing experience than the Hebe Titan II and Flowermate Vapormax-V. Both these devices are new to hit the vaporizing market this year and retail right around 100$ USD. Monster value and superb performance. As an enthusiast for the past seven years, it is incredibly refreshing to see true vaporization technology offered at such a practical price for everyone to enjoy.  

FlowerMate Vapormax-V5.0

HEBE Titan 2 Vaporizer