Official Arizer Air Review by Mr. Puff
Arizer Air Official Review
New and improved, the Air is the newest portable dry herb vaporizer from Arizer Technology. The Air has been designed and improved with fantastic and noteworthy updates from its predecessor, the Arizer Solo. The brand new Arizer Air is much more portable than the Arizer Solo but still offers the same incredible vapor quality and herb efficiency that people have come to adore from Arizer. I still don't think that the Air is entirely appropriate for portable daily use but its new smaller profile makes it much more feasible.
Small and sturdy, the Arizer Air features an aesthetic powder coated aluminum shell and feels rock solid in the hand. The buttons are heavy duty and the LEDs are of high quality and brightness. The Arizer Air's battery is entirely replaceable and is removed by unscrewing the flawlessly machined bottom cap. The Arizer Air is designed fantastically all around, however I dislike that the mouthpiece does not screw in and also does not have any on-device storage solutions for it (like on the  FlowerMate V5.0S). The Canadians did a great job, props.
Vapor Quality / Herb Efficiency
Vapor Quality is where the Arizer Air absolutely shines. The glass mouthpiece and high airflow of the Air offer a seriously tasty experience; I absolutely recommend the Arizer Air for herb connoisseurs for this reason. The 5 temperature settings are great and highly accurate and allow you to slowly and methodically enjoy your herb however you want. The Arizer Air is incredibly efficient on herb and wickedly tasty too, it truly is a connoisseur's tool that you'll enjoy learning how to use.
My main gripe with 2009's Arizer Solo was that its dangerously breakable mouthpieces and unpocketable girth meant that the device was more suitable for at-home portability and not so much out and about in the world. The Arizer Air's updated design only kind of solves that problem. The Arizer Air is still not super portable and should still be used from home 80% of the time, which is not a bad thing. I love 2009's Arizer Solo because its a true connoisseur's tool. I love the Arizer Air even more because its the newer, leaner and meaner version of the Solo! I can see you using the Arizer Air all day, every day so long as it fits into your routine. A lot of people purchase the V5.0S because it most practically fits their lifestyle, if you're someone who can fit the Arizer Air into your routine, you will not be disappointed. 
(The Air is a connoisseur's instrument that is not practically portable for everyone)
The Arizer Air is priced right in the middle of The Crafty and The FlowerMate V5.0S and is a great fit for the price range.
I've tried many other vaporizers in this price range and can firmly say that the Air is one of the few devices that are genuinely worth the price tag.
The Arizer Air is a fantastic device that offers a deliciously premium experience for a fair price. A pleasure to use.
4/5 (A deservingly but still, pricey device)
Final Verdict
I see the Arizer Air being a great second vaporizer to purchase (don't hesitate to make the Air your first device though!). As an intermediate user you'll be much more appreciative of its qualities. Make sure you have a lifestyle that allows you to fully enjoy the Arizer Air as its not the most discreet or portable option out there. Its a pleasure to use and a tool I keep at my work station permanently, you will not be disappointed with the Arizer Air.
- Mr. Puff