The Official Mighty Vaporizer Review Video
Mighty Vaporizer Official Review
Sporting double the battery life and forgoing a Temperature Control App instead for an onboard temperature control, The Mighty is the XL version of the Crafty Vaporizer. Both devices share the same heating chamber and operation mechanics. The Mighty is in every way just as perfect as the Crafty Vaporizer but is just a lot less discreet and portable.
The Mighty Vaporizer features a super rugged medical grade plastic construction while being lightweight.
The plastic grooves offer exceptional grip to the user and its shape is ergonomically tapered as well.
Filling, cleaning and operating the device is absolutely simple and intuitive.
The on-device temperature control is easy to operate and smartly designed.
Props to the Germans!
Vapor Quality / Herb Efficiency
The Crafty & Mighty Vaporizers offer the most efficient herb usage I have ever experienced in a portable vaporizer.
Draw resistance is next to none (thanks to the german's great bowl design) and is incredibly enjoyable.
Herb Efficiency is outrageous, even better than the FlowerMate V5.0S!
The Mighty is the solution for connoisseurs who have been looking for Volcano Digital performance in a portable package. 
Battery life of the Mighty Vaporizer is outstanding but it comes at the cost of a larger, less discreet device.
The Mighty is most practical for individuals who demand at-home portability and don't need their device to be inconspicuous. 
The Mighty is not really pocketable, and not really stealth, its a device better suited for camping trips or sharing at the office.
The Mighty is a device that you should see yourself using everyday, permitting you have the lifestyle for it.
3.5/5 (Too big for most people)
With a $469 price tag, I personally would skip the Mighty and instead go for the Crafty Vaporizer + External Battery Pack combo.
Seeing as you're an individual with a budget to accommodate these high end devices it would make more sense
to purchase the much more portable Crafty and also have a desktop vaporizer for home use. 
3.5/5 (Crafty + Battery Pack Combo is the better value)
Final Verdict
Its my opinion that 80% of people will prefer the Crafty Vaporizer. However, if you're an individual who has no need for stealthiness, I can see you having a really, really great time with the Mighty in the comfort of your own space.
If you're serious about portable vaporization and have the budget to justify the purchase,
I promise you that you will absolutely not be disappointed.
- Mr. Puff
The designers at Storz & Bickel really did think of everything...
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