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Nugget Express Honey Bong by Wizard Puff (Clearance)

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Comfortable, beautiful and super smooth - The all new Nugget Express Honey Bong is outfitted with all the bells and whistles! Standing 12" tall, the Nugget Express is fully loaded and is equipped with 2-Stage Diffusion (Honeycomb Percolator Disk + 8-Arm Showerhead Diffuser) and a built in ice catcher. With a look that speaks for itself and an aromatherapy experience like no other - All aboard the Nugget Express!

1 x Female 18mm Bowl
1 x WizardPuff.com Decal
Note: The Nugget Express Honey Bong will not have WizardPuff.com Decals applied. Your kit includes 1 x Decals to place wherever you like! 

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