Amnesia Vaporizer

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Amnesia | The Perfect Vaporizer

Every single detail from the full spectrum LED display

to the ultra durable TPU polymer body has been meticulously designed to

produce a vaporizer that exceeds all expectations of quality, value and design.

Loading & cleaning has never been easier with our premium engineered

magnetic chamber design - pop the top and load!

A high density polymer protects Amnesia

from the rigours of daily use and transport

while delivering a robust and comfortable grip!

Adjustable temperatures from 385F to 430F

The Amnesia Vaporizer will vibrate to let you know when its ready to hit!

Inhale vapor with total ease with our ultra high-airflow design.

A revolutionary device at a revolutionary value.

Fully featured and exceptionally crafted.

Amnesia - The Perfect Vaporizer.

Amnesia Vaporizer | WizardPuff Exclusive