Hello Kitty Petite Beaker Bong by WizardPuff


Hello Kitty Petite Beaker Bong

by WizardPuff

A classic beaker bong design

With the added cuteness of you familiar furry friend!

Classic Design.

The traditional design of this hand-held beaker bong

Makes for a comfortable & simple smoking experience.

Made with hand-blown boro-glass, the rounded base allows you to

To easily hit your rig from any angle or position

Delicious & Smooth.

The ultra smooth bevel mouthpiece is a cozy fit for your mouth 

forming the perfect seal without any effort.

Breathes like dream, this bong is definitely an easy sipper.

A 3 prong ice pinch is an added touch to make for a

Cooling & delicious inhalation experience. 

Perfect for Flowers & More.

Included is a 14mm Male Flower Bowl

This rig is more than capable at accommodating extracts

With a simple switch to a titanium nail.

Don't forget to pick one up!


You'll love all the personality packed into it's petite package

Very Kawaii! 😻