Tarik Rosin Tech Press 2.0

$349.99 $399.99

Tarik Rosin Tech Press 2.0 | WizardPuff Exclusive

🐝 How to Safely Make Solvent Free Concentrates at Home 🐝

The Tarik Rosin Tech Press 2.0
allows you to produce solvent free concentrates
in the comfort of your own home!
Featuring a bolt activated mechanism producing up to 550lbs 
of nug squishing power! Enjoy touch screen customization
of temperature & pressure!
The Rosin Tech Press 2.0
is ultra simple to operate and maintain -
Enjoy dual LCD Displays and the
convenience of automatic pressure application!
Outfitted with Dual Heating Modules,
our Rosin Tech Press is equipped
to maintain a precise and even heating surface. 
Experience your own brand of out-of-this-world concentrates
with Wizard Puff's T-REX Rosin Press 2.0 today!