Wooden FlowerMate 14mm Adapter Handcrafted By Ed's TnT (USA Made)

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Handcrafted for the FlowerMate V5.0, V5.0S and Pro only.

The older silicone tip model will need a pyrex mouthpiece upgrade for it to fit the unit.


Simply remove your existing FlowerMate stem and insert your handcrafted Wood Adapter (for water pipe compatibility) by Ed's TNT



"African Blackwood and Nicaraguan Cocobolo. Both are some of the finest wood species available, super dense, tight grain, with a lustrous finish. The Cocobolo is rich in color varying from yellows/oranges and blacks/purples, its a very distinct wood.The Cocobolo is grown on a managed plantation and has been owned by my wood dealer for over 65 years. The Blackwood is by far my favorite of all the species I work. The shine on it when its been buttered and buffed is outstanding. Cleaning is rather easy, just soak a pipe cleaner in high proof alcohol, squeeze out the excess, push through, and let dry. You will never ever submerge or soak these wooden pieces is any liquid what so ever."
-  Ed